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Snarl, You’re on Candid Camera (New York Times, 1/17/23)
When living closer to humans, animals encounter each other more often (University of Wisconsin-Madison News, 12/20/22)
Polar vortex, winter heat may change bird populations (University of Wisconsin-Madison News, 6/3/21)

Bald eagle recovery hinders osprey, heron populations (The Wildlife Society, 7/2/2019)

Hawk sightings soar in Chicago — and they’re coming after the birds at your feeder (Chicago Tribune, 4/12/2019)


Cooper’s hawk has adapted to urban surroundings and flourished (StarTribune, 12/13/2018)

Woodland hawks flock to urban buffet (University of Wisconsin-Madison News, 11/6/2018)

Climate change in microcosm (Grow – Wisconsin’s Magazine for the Life Sciences, 10/17/2018)

Climate changes a bird’s life in shrinking grasslands (Fred’s Ecology and Environmental Tales, 9/21/2018)

State expands effort to track wildlife through crowdsourced trail camera images (WI State Journal, 8/11/2018)

Trail cam project Snapshot Wisconsin goes statewide (University of Wisconsin-Madison News, 8/09/2018)

Wisconsin’s Deer Caught in the Act (NASA Earth Observatory, 5/22/2018)

Wisconsin Wildlife Says Cheese (NASA Science Beta, 3/12/2018)

What modern climate means for birds’ habitat (WI Public Radio, 8/2/18)

Protecting eagles’ nests are key to conservation (NPR Science Friday, 7/06/18)

UW-Madison study finds reason behind Bald Eagle recovery (WI Public Radio, 2/13/18)

Scouting the eagles: Evidence that protecting nests aids reproduction (UW-Madison News, 1/09/18)

Snowshoe hares face a new threat: warmer winters (Yale Climate Connections, 1/09/18)

Lake Michigan waterfowl botulism deaths linked to warm waters, algae (UW-Madison News, 1/09/18)


VIDEO Our Wisconsin: The Climate Change Effect (WKOW-21 Madison, 9/15/17)

Snapshot Wisconsin project engages state residents in citizen science (ECALS-Grow Magazine, 8/21/17)

Bird populations shift north as climate changes (Yale Climate Connections, 7/3/17)

Wisconsin researchers study the world underneath the snow: BTN LiveBIG (Big Ten Network, 3/19/17)

Forest ‘islands’ offer refuge to wintering birds (UW-Madison News, 2/8/17)

Winter Woes – How Wisconsin is investigating the impacts of winter on ruffed grouse (, 1/31/17)


Beneath the snowpack lies a secret ecosystem: the subnivium (, 6/02/16)

NASA Satellite Data Helps Document Wisconsin Wildlife (, 5/17/16)

Snapshot Wisconsin: Trail cams to document state’s wildlife (University of Wisconsin-Madison News, 5/17/16)

For the Birds: A new version of the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas draws on the increasing power of citizen science (Grow, Vol. 9 (2), Sp. 2016)

Changing climate is driving snowshoe hares northwards (The Wildlife Society, 4/7/16)

Snowshoe hares moving farther north due to lack of snow (Treehugger, 3/31/16)

Climate Change Forces Snowshoe Hares Out Of Historic Range (HNGN, 3/31/16)

Climate change now bigger menace than forest loss for snowshoe hares (Science News, 3/29/16)

No snow, no hares: Climate change pushes emblematic species north (University of Wisconsin-Madison News, 3/30/16)


There’s a Secret World Under the Snow, and It’s in Trouble  (Smithsonian Magazine, 1/28/15)

Peering into the secret world of life beneath winter snows  (National Science Foundation Update, 01/05/15)

Climate signals boreal bird movement (Great Lakes Echo, 7/15/15)

Massive Southern Invasions by Northern Birds Linked to Climate Shifts (All About Birds Blog, 5/27/15)

How climate drives bird migration (The why files, 5/15/15)

What makes Canada’s seed-eating pine siskin take off and head for the U.S. border? (ClimateWire, 5/14/15)

Scientists Link Odd Bird Migration to Climate shifts (kuer 90.1, NPR Utah, 5/14/15)

Northern birds invade the south thanks to a shifting climate (Conservation Magazine, 5/13/15)

Massive southern invasions by northern birds related to meridian shifts (NZ Health Tec, 5/13/15)

Climate variations linked to birds heading farther south in winter: study (Global News, 5/12/15)

Massive bird invasions linked to climate shifts (Natural World News, 5/12/15)

Climate shifts blamed for massive invasion of birds from Canada’s Northern forests heading south (Tech Times, 5/11/15)

Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts (Science Daily, 5/11/15)

Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts (EurekAlert!, 5/11/15)

Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts (University of Utah News Center, 5/11/15)

Boom and Bust in the Boreal Forest: Climate Signals Seen in Bird Populations (USGS Newsroom, 5/11/15)

Birds Moving North (National Wildlife Federation, 1/26/15)


Strangers in Your Backyard? Thank Climate Change (Audubon magazine, 11/7/14)

Southern birds may be moving into your winter backyard (ScienceNews, 10/23/14)

UW-Madison gradaute student Chris Latimer named Conservation Scholar (Madison Audobon Society, 10/22/14)

Southern birds invade the north; expert fears ‘competitive interactions’ (ClimateWire, 10/20/14)

Warming climate restructuring bird population (The Economic Times, 10/18/14)

Winter bird feeders: Get ready for a busy season (Science, 10/17/14)

Climate change alters cast of winter birds (UW-Madison News, 10/16/14)

UW research: Global warming a welcome mat for small birds keen to winter up north (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/15/14)

New tool helps assess climate stress on vulnerable wildlife (WICCI, 3/1/14)


Hare today, gone tomorrow? (The Lakeland Times, 3/15/13)